Derrick Rose 'One-On-One' Interview With ESPN (Video)

Derrick Rose 'One-On-One' Interview With ESPN (Video) | Tha Fly Nation

Even though the Cleveland Cavaliers are the talk of the NBA right now, ever since LeBron James went home and joined the team, but the Chicago Bulls also have something to prove this year. With Derrick Rose coming back off injury, the Bulls have set themselves up nice to be a contender in the Eastern Conference with pieces like Pau Gasol and Doug McDermott being added to the already playoff team.

In a sit-down with Jalen Rose, Derrick explained the feeling of coming back to the NBA after his run in FIBA this Summer, what thinks of the naysayers and why his game has changed a little, now that he’s suffered two injuries. His goal is still to win a championship and he is confident that one is coming his way soon.

Will this be the year of the Chicago Bulls?

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