Grafh - Like Me feat. Wiz Khalifa

Grafh - Like Me feat. Wiz Khalifa | Tha Fly Nation

Grafh and Wiz Khalifa join forces for Grafh's latest track, 'Like Me'.

Here's what Grafh had to say about the possibility of signing to Taylor Gang:

"I feel this song exudes a lot of confidence & self assurance. It was just me showing off. We were in LA in the studio, I played it for Wiz and he said 'yeah thats the one.' K.E. On The Track produced it. Wiz and I are also in talks about me signing to Taylor Gang. I hung out with Wiz & the crew a bunch of times. They're all some cool ass dudes. I also have my own crew, Team Bang Dope Gang. We're all about swag and talent."
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