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Rory Fresco - Lowkey | Tha Fly Nation

Rory Fresco - Lowkey

Kansas City native Rory Fresco, is preparing for his debut project 'HOLLYWOOD REBEL'. His latest single 'Lowkey' delivers...

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Corey Lee - 'Cam Newton' | Tha Fly Nation

Corey Lee - 'Cam Newton'

Corey Lee drops his first single after receiving a big co-sign from super producer Sonny Digital. The rising...

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Ariaa - Maybe | Tha Fly Nation

Ariaa - Maybe

18  year old Waco Texas artist Ariaa, drops his new single “Maybe”. With production from Persian Beatz, the sound is different...

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Who Is Dougie Hendrix? | Tha Fly Nation

Who Is Dougie Hendrix?

Who is Dougie Hendrix? "It was like I was giving her the answers to the test and she still...

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Artists To Keep An Eye On | Tha Fly Nation

Artists To Keep An Eye On

Being a contributor for various blogs is never easy, especially when artists flood your inbox all day. But,...

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Discovering Losif Stalin | Tha Fly Nation

Discovering Losif Stalin

I’m an avid Soundcloud digger, I always use the platform to discover new artist or  producers. On the...

Phabo - Roll One | Tha Fly Nation

Phabo - Roll One

Singer/Songwriter, Phabo, finally drops the first single, "Roll One," from his upcoming album, "Denim". Available on: TIDAL  |  Spotify  | Apple Music  | iTunes...

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Tyus - CashFlow | Tha Fly Nation

Tyus - CashFlow

TYuS returns again with his latest song “CashFlow”. This is definitely a different soundscape compared to his previous...

Captwolf - Bland (Video) | Tha Fly Nation

Captwolf - Bland (Video)

About a day or two ago, I was greeted by SwoozyDolphin via twitter. For some reason, I was interested...