2018 NBA Playoffs Matchups

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First round of the 2018 NBA Playoffs are set to begin Saturday, April 14th.  

After a one of the most unforgettable seasons that included; Kyrie Irving requesting to be traded from the Cleveland Cavaliers following another loss in the Finals to the Golden State Warriors, one of the top 3 league leaders in PPG of the previous season Isaiah Thomas (28.9 ppg) suiting up for 3 teams in less than 8 months, Paul George & Carmelo Anthony joining Russell Westbrook in Oklahoma City, Gordon Hayward getting injured in his first game after being acquired by the Boston Celtics in the summer, Chris Paul joining forces with James Harden for a record-setting year for the Houston Rockets, trusting the process leading the Philadelphia 76ers to a #3 seed in the Eastern Conference, a trade deadline move that included the Cavaliers trading away half of their roster.. literally (D-Wade, D. Rose, Jae Crowder, I.T., Shump, and Channing Frye), lots of LaVar Ball, & Russ averaging a triple-double for a second consecutive season to cap it all off!

It is finally time to get down to business, playoff time! Will LeBron make his 8th consecutive Finals appearance and does he has enough to win it? Will the Warriors heal in time to repeat? Is the year James Harden shows up and propels his team to the Finals? Is OKC's Big 3 enough to take Melo & PG13 to the Finals for the first time? Will Toronto finally make it past LeBron? Only time will tell. 

Who do you have making it to the finals, and who do you have ultimately winning it all? Check out the first-round schedule below. 


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