Aretha Franklin 'Amazing Grace' Documentary Film Will Be screened At Civil Rights Museums And Black Churches

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The concert movie titled Amazing Grace starring the late Aretha Franklin is set to premiere across the country at the end of March, Variety reported.

The documentary will be screened at numerous locations including the Smithsonian in Washington (March 28), the Martin Luther King Jr. Museum in Atlanta (March 26), the Civil Rights Museum in Alabama (March 27), the New Bethel Baptist Church in Detroit, where Franklin's father was a preacher (March 25) and the New Missionary Temple Church, where the movie was filmed (March 31).

“Detroit is really the home and heart of Aretha,” said  Alan Elliott, the documentary’s producer, “but Los Angeles is the home of ‘Amazing Grace.’ It would have been easy to do the Chinese Theater [where the film did have a preview screening in November as part of the AFI Festival] or the Cinematheque, but the excitement is over doing it at the original church and having all the (surviving) choir members back there that day. It’s going to be half film people and celebrities and then half congregants from the church and members of the community, so it’s very much in keeping with both audiences we hope to have.”

Watch the official trailer below.



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