Danny Blaze (Feat. Tab One) - Thank You Mr.Yancey (Video)

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I'll admit, I don't know much about J.Dilla. The Music Heads are probably judging me hard because, of my lack of knowledge on one of the greats, but after hearing "Thank You Mr.Yancey", I'll definitely being doing my research! A few months ago, Durham native Danny Blaze teamed up with Tab One to pay tribute to one of music industry's most influentual Hip-Hop artist, J.Dilla.

Today, Blaze returns with a visual for the noteworthy tribute, and I must say that Pat Junior did a hella of a job with the art direction for the video! Taking a walk through Dilla's life,  "Thank You Mr.Yancey" shows off some conspicuous moments, which not only made feel like I personally knew Dilla, but also made me feel as if I shared those moments with him. Now, lets talk about the song itself. Not only did Blaze create a noteworthy tribute while flawlessly delivering a refreshing verse, he also picked a strong feature that complimented the song very well, definitely a job well done. There's more I'd like to say, but I'll let the content speak for itself. Check it out! 

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