DJ '$acé - FoodForTheSoul Mix #002 (Black History Month Edition)

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DJ '$acé revisits FoodForTheSoul Mix #002, a mix inspired by the celebration of Black History Month.  This installment features uplifting songs from James Brown, Nina Simone, Tupac, Public Enemy, Common & many more!  With interludes from Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., & James Baldwin. Stream the mix below.

Last month I kicked off the year by premiering my monthly mix series, FoodForTheSoul, a monthly mix series in which I plan to capture the hearts and cultivate the minds of my listeners while also introducing each and everyone of you to new & different tunes each month. As February serves as the second month of the year, this here is my second show of the mix. Recently (as always), there has been TOO MANY tragic events within the African-American culture as it seems the fight for equality is still present today.. for some reason. Amongst many positive movements that have been created, many peaceful protests started (some which I have participated in), many intelligent people voicing their opinions in this fight, etc. I asked myself, “what can/will I do/create to give my input into this fight?” My answer…. this mix, I’ve decided to dedicate Mix #002 to Black History Month. Still showcasing that conscious records are important while spotlighting few of the MANY artists who continue to fight for and alongside us during these times, while also taking a blast to the past with the Civil Rights Activists (Artists). Enjoy. 

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