Jimmy Butler Verbally Challenges Timberwolves Coaching Staff, Front Office, and Teammates

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The Jimmy Butler/Minnesota Timberwolves saga continues as he returns to Minnesota for the first time since requesting to be traded this offseason.  For the lack of better words, this relationship seems to have taken a page out of David Ruffin and The Temptations book. 

Per Adrian Wojnarowski, Jimmy Buckets took the third-stringers and beat the starters in a scrimmage.  It was also reported that at one point he turned to Timberwolves GM Scott Layden and yelled, "You f--king need me. You can't win without me."

Jimmy is expected to sitdown with Rachel Nichols on SportsCenter at 6 pm ET, to explain what all took place at practice today. 


In the words of David Ruffin, "aint nobody coming to see you [Wiggins]!"



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