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For the latest version of the best new music from emerging artists, I got a 20-track mix to hit play below. Have you hit play yet? Good, let's get to it:

At the top of the list is a new song from white boy reggae-pop band Seranation. Based out of South Florida, the band recently collaborated with Rome Ramirez to create a poppy summer anthem that is super fun and easy to get into. Check out "Sweet Temptation" and be on the lookout for more new music from the recently signed to Fresh Goods Music band.

Dirty Heads got another new one from the upcoming album, Supermoon. "Lift Me Up" which is currently going to Alt Radio, is such a delightful Summertime anthem. Can't wait to share the full album with y'all, it's out August 9th and will be one of their most dynamic and ambitious projects.

I love Miami Horror, everything about them is a good time with funky disco-pop vibes. With the latest, "Restless" it's a funky R&B jam. Everything these guys put out is great and if I could help them reach new heights, I would. For fans of KhalidD'AngeloCut Copy, and Chromeo.

I heard The Strike perform "The World Keeps Turning" back in May at Hotel Cafe. They had the crowd get familiar with the bridge, brought all the fans together by getting us into doing that and when they got into the song, it was magical singing along with the band and fellow fans of this emerging band. The Strike are great, this reminds me of Walk The MoonTalking HeadsHalf The Animal, and Great Good Fine OK.

Half•Alive are a Long Beach, CA-based trio that has a smooth electro funk vibe that feels low-key yet easy to have this light dance vibe to. My friend Adrian sent over their latest, "Arrow" to me and I was a bit drunk but found it a fun breakup song with cool pop vibes. If you like this band, listen to "Runaway" and "still feel." For fans of HUNNYDeclan McKennaCOIN and Bad Suns.

New FREEDOM FRY always makes me go "yay" on the inside. I love this duo, nobody does campfire acoustic music better than them! Their originals are great ("Classic", "Zombie Love" and many others) and their COVERS are OUTSTANDING! Below is their latest, a Gorillaz "Clint Eastwood" cover that is a haunting yet chill acoustic cover which, if you are a fan of the original, will LOVE this! 

If you use Tik Tok, then you've heard "Cradles" but must be wondering, what is that song with the dope clicky bells sounding type of beat? Well, it's Sub Urban's "Cradles". I'm curious what the teenage NJ-based musician/producer has up his sleeve next and hope to see the virality of his song on Tik Tok turn him some real fans and how his live show may come together is an exciting mystery to me. Once the song hits the 30-second mark, it gets exciting, the beat around the 47-second mark is INFECTIOUS!

That's about all I got to say so far, check the playlist below, excited to share the new TuxedoGrizfolkEd Sheeran album is fun to dive into, something for everyone, Lizzo "Boys" is fly, new Moon Boots if you want to dance, and Midland if you want country... hope y'all enjoy! 

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