Lee Davis' TV One Original Film 'Loved To Death' Premiered At PAFF

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The Pan African Film Festival hosted a special screening of TV One's upcoming original film titled Loved To Death in Los Angeles on Friday.

The Davis Lee-directed relationship drama stars hip hop pioneer MC Lyte, Tobias Truvillion, McKinley Freeman, Malinda Williams, and Chrystee Pharris.

The story follows a newly engaged couple Chuck Everette and Deborah Ross, whose lives are cut short when they are suddenly gunned down by a crazed gunman at a toll booth.

Loved To Death is set to air this summer on TV One.

Check out the photos of the cast in attendance below (courtesy of Hollywood Melanin).


MC Lyte


McKinley Freeman


Tobias Truvillion


Noelle Bellinghausen


Lee Davis, director


Lynn Adriana

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