Life Is Beautiful 2016 (Video)

Life Is Beautiful. It’s not just a saying, it’s a celebration of music, art, food and ideas in Las Vegas. It is a really positive, uplifting, creative and once in a lifetime experience.
Over the several years, Downtown Las Vegas has gone through a pretty heavy transformation, since Fremont Street, the second most popular street in town, has been revitalized. Bars, restaurants, coffeehouses and stores of all kinds have flooded into this area, and during festival weekend over 100,000 people in the town converge over 18 blocks to be apart of this cultural and social movement.

Several different stages with all kinds of musical acts performing. Life is Beautiful also hosts site-specific exhibitions that feature local and emerging artists. Culinary villages offer tastes from local chefs and sips of specialty cocktails and spirits. Thinkers, innovators and entrepreneurs from all sorts of different backgrounds and industries converge to inspire and enlighten those who attend.


Life is Beautiful is a movement.
We are a soul collective.
Among us are dreamers and doers,
challengers & compassionates,
optimists and outliers.
We inspire and transform.
Our acts of kindness are intentional.
Together we create pause.
We create space to appreciate
the beauty in ourselves and our surroundings.
Most of all we create noise.
We create noise that drowns out the naysayers.
The kind of noise that calls you into the here and now.
The kind of noise that makes you move your feet.
Because life is reason for celebration, and you should
get out there and dance.
So if you’ve just dropped in,
join us, you’ll fit right in.

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